XXXII - Seminário Nacional de Grandes Barragens e II Simpósio Internacional de Segurança de Barragens


O Comitê Brasileiro de Barragens - CBDB  realizará o XXXII Seminário Nacional de Grandes Barragens  - SNGB   e o II Simpósio Internacional de Segurança de Barragens - SISB, este último em parceria com os Comitê Chinês de Barragens - CHINCOLD, Comité Nacional Español de Grandes Presas - SPANCOLD e o United States Society on Dams - USSD, no período de 20 a 23 de maio de 2019, no Fiesta Bahia Hotel.  na cidade de Salvador - BA.


Mensagem do Presidente


Throughout our term of office we have emphasized the importance of the participation of the Brazilian Committee on Dams (CBDB) in all discussion forums and debates on issues related to dam engineering, focusing on the diligence aimed at the best professional practices, quality assurance of enterprises, as well as their operational functionality and the dam security laws, current stage, advances and challenges. We participate actively with partner associations, sharing experiences and fostering the debate of topics of national interest, such as the movement in defense of multiple use dams and large reservoirs, according to the content of the São Paulo Charter.


We seek to consolidate our work to help the dissemination of knowledge and the promotion of debates on topics of national interest. All this effort is summed up in the organization of national and international events, where we can share our experience, reality, challenges and listen to colleagues from other countries.


We understand that these events are extremely important for the maintenance of dialogue between the various players that work in the dam design, construction, maintenance, operation and safety areas; in all forms of enterprise, converging the power generation, water resources, sanitation and mining industries, contributing with their experiences, reports of their technical procedures, regulatory frameworks and efforts to implement dam safety legislation, with the results achieved, challenges and future lines of action.


From all the above, the Brazilian Committee on Dams (CBDB) will hold the 32nd SNGB - National Seminar of Large Dams, on May 20-23-, 2019, in Salvador, Bahia, with the support of the State Government of Bahia, together with the II SISB - International Symposium on Dams Security, in partnership with the Chinese National Committee on Large Dams (CHINCOLD), the Spanish National Committee of Large Dams (SPANCOLD) and the United States Society on Dams (USSD). I am pleased to confirm the presence of the President of the International Commission on Large Dams (ICOLD), Mr. Michael Rogers, who promptly accepted our invitation. The SNGB traditionally brings together professionals from dam engineering and related areas, as well as from academic areas, with the participation of professors and students, the presentation of companies providing services, suppliers and their product exhibitions, contributing to the exchange of technologies and prospecting for business opportunities.

The planning of this event comprised four themes:


Relationship with surrounding communities, especially our commitment to transparency and expansion of the dialogue with the adversary parties in order to reach a technical consensus;


New techniques for monitoring and evaluating the behavior of dams, focusing on the contribution of geophysical prospecting methods, geological-geotechnical conditioning studies, reinstrumentation, augmented reality systems and risk and reliability analysis;


Assessment of the effect of climate change on the safety of water projects, with emphasis on the design and performance of spillway structures and risks based on data and information on climate change; and


Preliminary investigations and quality assurance of hydraulic and mining works, with emphasis on the mitigation of risks through contractual modalities and criteria for the definition of insurance and their consequences on the implementation costs, such as the "geological risk".


In addition to these core themes, there will be two round tables discussing the following issues:


Water Safety and

- Legislation and Taxes on Hydraulic Projects.


We count on the attendance of all of you, contributing with your technical papers, announcements, technical exhibitions and networking, which is the main ingredient for the success and our motivation for holding this new edition of the SNGB.


The city of Salvador will host this seminar, with its magic, people, and natural and architectural beauty, which are witnesses of the colonial period and, therefore, deserve the title and slogan of our State: Bahia, the Mother Land of Brazil. You are all quite welcome.


Carlos Henrique Medeiros – President, CBDB



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